You are a complete package when it comes to yoga and a coach in true sense with your expertise in the field of traditional yoga. Your passion for yoga’s art and science is clearly visible in the way you conduct classes and keep yourself upgraded with continuous learning. You are multifaceted too as you amalgamate different techniques to give out best results to your students. Kids enjoy your classes as you make the session truly engaging by using unique ways. I like the mantra and meditation section that you impart as part of your yoga sessions


I enjoyed a lot in all sessions. We feel relaxed and calm after the class. our body started to be getting comfortable to the environment in our class. This was a very awesome experience for all of us. Thank you Ma’m. May you have also enjoyed our performance .


I like Surya Namaskara, Tadasana and Animal Poses. I enjoyed Surya Namaskara very much. In the future classes I would like to learn making food without fire and play more activities/games. I want to do more Surya Namaskara and learn more prayers.


Arjun was very happy with interactive yoga. If you involve them then they perform wholeheartedly and get max benefits from the drill….. He got ready by himself to reach on time. The activities were very interesting and entertained children along with physical benefit. Thanks


I joined Shivani’s classes almost a year ago for fitness and later for pre natal yoga. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and capable to guide us through her study and dedication in Yoga. Her short meditation sessions also help you in relaxing your mind and body. I would like to thank her for her guidance and support and wish her all the very best ​

S Bhagwat​

मला शिवानीमॅडमच्या योगा सेशन्सने खरच खूप फरक पडला.. सर्व्हायकल स्पॉन्डिलायटीसचा आजार जडला आणि योगासन कोणती करावीत या विवंचनेत पडले… सहा वर्षांपूर्वी नियमीत योगासन करत असे… नंतर नंतर काही कारणास्तव सवय सुटली.. शिवानी मॅडमने सांगितलेली ठराविक योगासन नियमीत करतेय तेंव्हापासून पाठीच व मानेच्या दुखण्याला आराम पडलाय.. आणि दिवसभर एकदम फ्रेश वाटत….​


The class was excellent. I admire positive attitude and inspiring approach of the teacher which is very important for learning. Her non- judgemental attitude and at the same time her efforts to bring out participants potential is highly appreciated. Her knowledge and skills about yoga helped me understand the technique well. The yoga class has made us understand not only at the theoretical but at the experiential level that yoga is not an exercise but a practice connecting and synchronising both mind and body well. This thus gives us physical flexibility and mental peace and overall well being and confidence.


It has been a wonderful experience, My flexibility, stamina, confidence has increased Your minute observation about each student as well accurate understanding. There is a lot of discipline about time & only focus is yoga & no nonsense

A. Vyawhare​