New Additions to the Sweetsville Cheesecake Family…

Introducing our individual-size Oreo Cheesecake and Rocky Road Cappuccino Cheesecake!!  You can never have enough cheesecake varieties, I can assure you!  =)

Our Oreo Cheesecakes come with an oreo cookie for the yummy crunchy bottom and lots of oreos in the cheesecake filling.

The Rocky Road Cappuccino Cheesecakes are just the best of all worlds!  It starts with a chocolate crust, to the creamy cappuccino cheesecake, topped with lots of marshmallows, toasted walnuts to add some crunch, and a drizzle of chocolate.  It will for sure tickle your taste buds!

Here is a picture and let the drooling contest begin!

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Birthday Cakes.. feat. Hermes Purse Cake

Orange Hermes Cake

Pink Bow Present Cake

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Our First Wedding Catering

With Sweetsville, there is a first for everything! =)  We love to experience new things and are always up to the challenge!

This past weekend we catered for the wedding of a really cute couple in Toronto.  We organized a dessert bar, fully decorated, with a 2-tier wedding cake.  The mini desserts provided were mini lemon cheesecakes, crispy apple bites, mini caramel meringue tart, and banana cake lollipops.. and boy, these were a hit!

In the beginning, people wondered what cake lollipops were.  I guess they have yet gained popularity in our area.  The cake lollipops we made were banana cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in dark chocolate and white chocolate.  All these would melt in your mouth in one bite, and you’d definitely be going for seconds.. trust me! ;)

The event was quite a successful one for Sweetsville, I must say.  The bride and groom were happy, so do the guests, restaurant owner, and the chefs.

The Dessert Table Arrangement

Blackforest Wedding Cake

Banana Cake Lollipops

Mini Caramel Meringue Tarts

Mini Lemon Cheesecake with Fresh Raspberries

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Sweetsville is 1-month old!

Sweetsville Cake & Pastry Co.

Time really flew by!  Jess and I have been so occupied with Sweetsville that we didn’t realize one month had gone by.  We’d like to thank you all again for your continuous love and support!  We really could not survive one month without all of you! =)

The second month won’t be easy for Sweetsville, but we always like challenges!  We are fully booked for the next 2 weeks with cake orders, mini dessert orders, and also a wedding to cater.  We will definitely resume the sample sales and let you guys try our new feature desserts after we are back on track!

I am personally very excited about the wedding.  We will definitely throw in our best effort and make it a memorable one for the bride and groom! =)

Sweet love,

Farah & Jess

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Cheesecake… Cheesecake…

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First Tasting Event!

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Apples and Caramels

Apples or caramel?  Choose no more because Sweetsville has both!  This weekend’s sample sale featured crispy cinnamon apple phyllo bites and melt-in-your-mouth caramel meringue tart!

It was another one of Sweetsville’s successful sample sale event! =)  We sold over 250 mini treats.

Words about Sweetsville’s goodies are going around fast.  People outside of our circle of friends and families started ordering.  So keep up the good work folks!  Recommend us to your friends and families.  We are easily accessible on facebook or follow us on! =)

Here are the pictures from the sample sales:

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This Weekend’s Upcoming Sample Sale

Sweetsville Sample Sale

Sweetsville is doing another sample sale!  This time we are letting you taste another two of our feature desserts:  Mini Crispy Apple Bites and Mini Caramel Meringue Tarts.

These come in a box of 8 mini treats of your choice for only $6/box.

Like usual, we will take orders in advanced latest on Thursday at NOON.  Orders can be picked up at885 Bristol Road West, Mississauga, between 3 – 5 PM.  If you cannot make it at this time, please do let us know, and we will gladly arrange another time for you! =)

You can order by leaving us a comment, an e-mail, or on Sweetsville’s facebook’s event page.

Hope you guys don’t miss out! =)

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BIG Success at Our First Sample Event!

Sweetsville is on a roll!

Big thanks to our Big Daddy, families, friends, and all who kept on supporting and had faith in us.

The first sample event was announce on facebook less than 1-week after Sweetsville was founded.  Originally, we planned to spread out the news about us and also to get our friends and families to taste the desserts that we make.  We never thought of accepting massive amount of orders from people that we had to cut-off order earlier than our deadline.  We were sold out at 180 orders.  Jess and I stayed up the whole night baking!

On top of that, the feedback that we received from our lovely customers was superb!  They liked our mini desserts.  I was very happy when I heard that a lot our friends took the desserts that they bought from us to their other friends to taste.  And everybody that tasted our desserts gave us a yummy feedback!

To thank God for all the grace and strength He had given us, and to declare that God gave us Sweetsville, we offer 100% of our first profit back to our churches.

Now these are pictures of the desserts featured at our first sample sale:

Apple-Pear Medley Pudding Cake

Mocha Rocky Road Cheesecake

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Sam’s Birthday with Sweetsville

Sam loves his basketball!  That’s how we came up with this cake to celebrate his birthday.

The picture does not do justice of how the cake looked before it was abused!  It traveled with us from home, to the restaurant, then back home for pictures and cake-cutting.  I regretted not taking pictures before it left home; but lesson learned.

Inside is a vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream, made with fresh strawberries.  The cake is covered with fondant, and all decorations are made out of fondant.

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