Our First Wedding Catering

With Sweetsville, there is a first for everything! =)  We love to experience new things and are always up to the challenge!

This past weekend we catered for the wedding of a really cute couple in Toronto.  We organized a dessert bar, fully decorated, with a 2-tier wedding cake.  The mini desserts provided were mini lemon cheesecakes, crispy apple bites, mini caramel meringue tart, and banana cake lollipops.. and boy, these were a hit!

In the beginning, people wondered what cake lollipops were.  I guess they have yet gained popularity in our area.  The cake lollipops we made were banana cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in dark chocolate and white chocolate.  All these would melt in your mouth in one bite, and you’d definitely be going for seconds.. trust me! ;)

The event was quite a successful one for Sweetsville, I must say.  The bride and groom were happy, so do the guests, restaurant owner, and the chefs.

The Dessert Table Arrangement

Blackforest Wedding Cake

Banana Cake Lollipops

Mini Caramel Meringue Tarts

Mini Lemon Cheesecake with Fresh Raspberries

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